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Since my appointment in 1996 I have built a thriving department of respiratory medicine providing full range of services. I work in a team of three consultant chest physicians, two specialist registrars, a clinical assistant, 2 Fy2 doctors and 3 Fy1. In addition I have a specialist respiratory nurse, lung cancer nurse specialist, respiratory physiotherapists, lung function laboratory technicians, pulmonary physiologist and sleep laboratory technicians. Specialist respiratory services provided include lung cancer, non-invasive ventilation, COPD, Asthma and allergy, Interstitial lung diseases, vasculitic lung diseases, oxygen service, sleep service and tuberculosis.

I do two respiratory and one dedicated target lung cancer clinics each week. I do two regular ward rounds each week and a post take round one call. Work in 1:8 on call rota with prospective cover for general acute medicine looking after adult patients with all medical problems and provide specialist services for respiratory medicine. Average number of acute admissions vary from 20-40.

I am an expert in diagnostic bronchoscopy and carry out endobronchial diathermy, hot biopsies, transbronchial fine needle aspirations, transbronchial biopsies, slurry talc pleurodesis, indwelling intrapleural catheter insertions, pleural biopsies, chest drain insertions, fine needle aspirations, non-invasive ventilation (CPAP and BiPAP).


Administrative experience:

Ex-Head of department for respiratory medicine for Barnet and Chase Farm NHS trust from 2007-2014. Our trust comprises of two large district general hospitals (Barnet General Hospital and Chase Farm Hospitals) serving a population of about half a million. The department comprises of 6 consultants, 5 specialist registrars, 2n clinical assistants, 5 Fy2, and 6 FY1 doctors, In addition we have 2 specialist respiratory nurses, 3 specialist lung cancer nurses, oxygen assessment nurse, pulmonary physiologist, lung function lab. technicians and sleep technicians and respiratory physiotherapist.
I chair monthly departmental meeting where administrative matters, audits, clinical governance issues a development and research plans are discussed.

Teaching and training:

I am educational supervisor for the foundation trainee doctors and specialist registrars and also assist my colleague consultants in case mentoring is required. I train specialist nurses and take keen interest in undergraduate and post graduate teaching. I am an honorary Senior Lecturer to University College Hospital London and have Final Year medical students attached to my firm. I teach MRCP candidates and nurses and give lecture to Registrars and GPs.
I am examiner to the Royal College of Physicians of London for PACES examination and also a recognised examiner to the Royal college of Ireland.
I am heavily involved in foundation and core medical training and take part in Royal college, Foundation School and Deanery activities.

Research Experience:

I did my MD from University College London and developed strong bases for research by working as a research fellow and lecturer in respiratory medicine. My research project was entitled “Use of DNA probes and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to detect mycobacterial DNA in tuberculosis and sarcoidosis”. I saw patients at University College London Hospitals, carried out bronchoscopy and took clinical samples. Laboratory based research was carried out in the molecular biology laboratory of Surrey University, Guildford, Surrey. I was one of pioneer researchers in this field to develop mycobacterial DNA probes, develop PCR to amplify mycobacterial DNA and apply to clinical samples. The work resulted in grant of MD degree from University of London in 1995.
Since moving clinical medicine I did not have chance to do basic research but have carried out numerous audits and keep up to date by attending national and international conferences. I encourage my juniors to carry our audit projects during their stay with my firm and help them publish abstracts.
I am a referee to the National Institute of Health Research Grant applications.

Clinical experience in Reverse Order:

1: Consultant Chest Physician November 1993-1997 Almana General Hospital, AlKhobar, Saudi Arabia

2: Senior Registrar in Geriatrics and General Medicine 1992-1993 University College London

3: Research Fellow and Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine 1990-1992 University College London

4: Registrar in Cardiothoracic Medicine 1989-1990 Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester (UK)

5: Registrar in General Medicine 1986-1989 Oldham General Hospitals, Oldham (UK)

6: Senior House Officer General Medicine 1985-1986 Oldham General Hospitals, Oldham (UK)

7: Senior House Officer in geriatrics 1984-1985 Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn (UK)

8: Senior House Officer in General Medicine 1984 Royal Infirmary Glasgow, Scotland

9: House Officer in General Medicine 1983 Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, Scotland

10: House Officer in General Surgery and General Medicine 1980-1981 Mayo Hospital, Lahore Pakistan


Saboor SA, Johnson NMcI and McFadden JJ “Use of DNA probes and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the detection of mycobacterial DNA in patients with sarcoidosis and tuberculosis” Thorax 1991;46:743

Saboor SA, Johnson NMcI and McFadden JJ “Detection of mycobacterial DNA in tuberculosis and sarcoidosis using polymerase chain reaction” The Lancet 1992;339:1021-1015

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Saboor SA “Detection of mycobacterial DNA in tuberculosis and sarcoidosis” A thesis submitted to University Of London 1995. Accepted October 1995.

Wall S, Saboor SA, Kunze ZM, Soufleri I, Seechurn P, chidini R and McFadden JJ “Identiifcation of speroplast like agents isolated from crohn’s disease and control tissues using the polymerase chain reaction” Journal of Clinical Microbiology 1992;31:1241-1245

Ashraf W, vanSomeron N, Quigley EMM, Saboor SA, Farrow IJ “Gilberts syndrome and Ramadan. Exacerbation of unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia by religious fasting” J Clin Gastroenterology 1994;19(2) :122-124

Posters and abstracts:

An audit on pulmonary embolism. " Pulmonary embolism and time to diagnostic imaging. Does it matter?" This audit was presented as an e.poster in European Respiartroy Society Annual meeting in Stockholm 2007

Bilateral vocal cord palsy in lung cancer. A poster presented in anuual conference of European respiratroy Society meeting in Stockholm 2007

Participated in Multi-Centre BTS sponsored National study on Empyema and role of intra pleural fibrinolytic therapy.

Participated in National COPD audit sponsored by Royal College of Physicians of London and British thoracic Society 2008

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